D850 did this, so no reason to Z

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Re: D850 did this, so no reason to Z

Droster wrote:

Don89 wrote:

My D850 kits weighs in lighter than my MF kit. I never considered weight in a selection. If weight mattered, I’d have to head over to the gym and get strong. Working out helps stability anyway and is always a good idea.

My Z6 and 14-30 weighs lighter than a D750 and 18-35. That's the lighter D750 and not the heavier D850. Of course if you pick the heavy stuff the mirrorless set can be heavier, but it can also be lighter in ways that DSLRs cannot.

Oh and when I say weight savings it doesn't mean I can't carry the weight. It means I can use the extra weight budget to carry other stuff. Say a bigger bottle of water or a snack you picked up in a convenient store for examples or including another device like an iPad as another. The less bulk also frees up more bag space to fit said extra stuff in the same bag. We get more inventory management headroom.

Oddly specific examples. Yes, it comes from experience of working/traveling and carrying DSLRs to mirrorless with the same sling bag and backpack over the years.

I think he's referring to Medium Format...

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