Possibly damaged focusing ring - DP2 Merrill DP2M

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Re: Possibly damaged focusing ring - DP2 Merrill DP2M

Ceistinne wrote:

Stillton wrote:

1. The ring does not have any ding on it but it did cross my mind that something somewhere got damaged to cause this contact between the ring and whatever it is rubbing up against.

2. I did contact Sigma USA and they outright said the product is not serviceable by Sigma because it is too old for that.

3. The seller wants to make it right. Either they will discount it or give me a refund after returning it.

The camera works and focuses fine in AF, and works "**okay**" in MF... and I am kind of tempted to keep it, provided they discount it by 200-250 bucks.

Will see what the seller will respond with.


Since the AF is ok I'd keep it especially if the seller gives a decent discount.


Seems like the seller has disagreed with my proposed $300 discount (which had padding) but agreed to a 200 dollar discount, which I accepted.

Basically, it ended up being a 340 dollar purchase in total..

I also was able to work that ring a bit so that it is manageable now... def not as stiff as it once was.

I am thinking of adding some tiny amount of lube just to smooth the operation a bit.

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