Possibly damaged focusing ring - DP2 Merrill DP2M

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OP Stillton Forum Member • Posts: 64
Re: Possibly damaged focusing ring - DP2 Merrill DP2M

It is not that it just sounds rough. It requires significant force to "dislodge" the ring and begin turning it. Also, I found out that small metal flakes would occasionally fall out onto my hand. So it isnt just grit... it is metal on metal rubbing. Otherwise, it does AF and it does MF as well

I think I will just return it.

Shame really. The first DP1m turned out to be DP1...

For some reason out of 2 attempts to get DP1m from japan, none had a happy ending for me.

Also it looks like Sigma charges $250 fee for grey market cameras. So, I might as well return it because with parts and labour it will prolly be 350-400 for the fix at least...

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