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I have an Asahi Super-Takumar 35mm f/3.5 that is a delight to use, but kind of "flat" for lack of a better desciption. Just a bit dull compared to some of the other adapted lenses I have like my Helios 44-2, or my Industar 22.

Can anyone recommend a more interesting 35mm that can be adapted to Sony E?

And yes, I understand that how I use the thing will be important as well and don't blame the lens, but different lenses are different.

Budget limit is around $500, and I'm not necessarily opposed to buying a new Chinese lens, though I'd prefer something vintage.


Since you mentioned Helios 44-2, you might like Takumar 35 f/2.3.
CZJ Flektogon 35/2.8 will nicely suit industar-22.

Just to name a few.

I was going to mention the Flektogon.

Takumar 35 2.3 has similar swirly bokeh as Helios 44-2 in the right conditions. It is one of the most interesting 35mm lenses if the "character" is preferred. Check it on the web, there are many image samples.

Flektogon 35/2.8 has lower contrast and more pronounced vignetting but is fairly sharp, similar to Industar 22.

I also like Voigtlander 35/1.2 II (character wise).

Another lens to look for a character is a Yashica Super Yashinon R 35mm f/2.8.

There are of course many to look at, I mentioned first Takumar, because it really goes well with the Helios 44-2 IMHO.

I won’t recommend the Biogon v1 because it’s too close to the sensor (and the curtain does not like it). The character comes from sitting close to the sensor glass.

For Sony (possible on Nikon Z too) users, Loxia 35 /2 (Biogon inspired design) is a nice option, especially for video, as a part of the Loxia set.

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