Will Sensors Get Better and by How Much?

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Re: Will Sensors Get Better and by How Much?

Couldn't get through the video. You can tell he's winging it so it comes off as unorganized and not very well thought out. I'm sure he's a smart guy, but a video consisting of primarily talking to the camera is really unforgiving. I hope next time he writes a script and follows it word for word. At this point that's table stakes for a successful technical youtube video unless you're an absolutely exceptional public speaker and are willing to shoot an immense amount of takes.

But from what I saw, his focus is on low-light performance, and yet he's not addressing shot noise or quantum efficiency. I really don't see how increasing full well capacity (his first 2 points) helps in low light photography, where in the vast majority of cases exposure is limited by motion blur considerations. Low exposure = low SNR = visible noise. As far as I know, no sensor tech can fix that.

Note he's an astrophotographer, so he's likely used to star trackers that let him have nearly arbitrarily long exposure times. Improved FWC would help him while using a tracker, but I just can't see how it helps the 99% of low light photographers who are shutter-speed restricted. And if one can leave the shutter open as long as they want, it's not really low light photography in the usual sense of the term, is it?

Corrections are welcome if he addressed this later in the video.

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