New Tamron 20-40 vs 17-28 vs Sony 16-35 for Real Estate & Group Shots

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Re: New Tamron 20-40 vs 17-28 vs Sony 16-35 for Real Estate & Group Shots

Impulses wrote:

SillyPosition wrote:

I wonder how the tamron will be in quality and characteristic compared to the Sony.
I prefer Sony due to probably better autofocus behavior, but dislike the bigger form factor / 72mm filter thread. I prefer to remain with lenses up to 67mm if possible.

I doubt there's much between them in AF at these FLs tbh...

Can you explain how focal length is important here? Is it more of an issue with telephoto lenses?

I wonder how the Sony 16-35 will be like. Although I find 20-40 better suited for me. As well as manually controlled zoom instead of a button.

You don't have to use the toggle on the Sony, there's still a full size ring, it's not mechanically coupled but they seem to have a better zoom by wire or power zoom implemention than other lenses of that sort (like their own APS-C kit pancake zoom)... You'll probably notice the difference the most when turning it quickly (which will be slower) or making very very fine adjustments to framing, and there's no focal length markings on the lens of course but you do get them in the camera UI.

oh  nice.

by wire is still good enough probably, I don’t mind much about that

the lack of aperture ring is noted, I like it a lot in my 35gm but can live without it.

For it's own part the Tamron will let you reprogram the focus ring into an aperture ring if you prefer, not the same as a dedicated one but better than nothing. I use similar functionality on one of my Sanyang primes since the Sony primes I tend to use alongside it have their own aperture wheels and I find it handy.

the other option is the Sony 20 1.8 but lack of zoom might lead to excessive swaps with 35mm focal length which is my favorite go to for most of my photos

There's some advantages to the prime in rendering, MFD, distortion before corrections, etc... But the versatility of the zooms is hard to beat. I use my 17-28 more than my 20G, but I enjoy the latter more if that makes any sense. Sharing 67mm filters between either and the 35GM along with a couple other primes/zooms sure is handy.

I just finished a week travel with my two little toddlers in Florida/Disneyworld. Wished I had a wide angle zoom lens. 
I don’t know if that’s a silly judgement to prefer a lens due to being 67mm filter thread and less bulky (due to smaller diameter), but for now it seems tamron leads for my choice. 
almost disappointed to be in B&H later this week (traveling in New York), I feel that if the 20-40 was out I would probably get it.

With linear focus motors, 67mm filter thread (yes I know😬) and overlapping with 35mm focal length for  portraits.. it just sounds good

on top on all that, I also feel F2.8 is important to have, at least for me as a travel lens, I expect to use it both day and night, and I find myself going as low as ami can in dark night to be able to shoot handheld quickly with reasonable shutter speed and low enough ISO to not bug me later when I view the photos in big screen

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