Which features are still better in Ps vs LrC?

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Re: Which features are still better in Ps vs LrC?

Maverick07 wrote:

HappyMartin wrote:

My workflow is everything goes into the LR catalogue and I do as much as I can in LR before heading to PS. LR is the foundation

There is a ton of stuff PS does that LR cannot do. It’s not just that PS does it better. LR doesn’t do some stuff at all.
Clipping paths. Deep etching is still a big thing in my life. Replace colour, Selective colour, Blurring of selected areas. Adding extra canvas, blend modes with brush work and layers. It’s a long list really and I’m not even talking about compositing. I do a lot of product photography and I cannot imagine doing that type of work with LR alone.

Things I think PS does better. Shadow highlight in PS still offers more control than the sliders in the basic panel of LR. Curves is better in PS, much easier to use. Almost any healing, cloning, patch tool work and so on easier in PS. Adjusting brush size and hardness using keyboard shortcuts is better in PS. Wacom brush support is another level of course. When you have hundreds of images to get out the door the little things become big things.

I have been using LR since its first beta and really like it but it isn’t PS. There are a few things on my wish list for LR. I would like to be able to use any of the adjustments with the masks. I hope they change the naming of the new AI generated human masks. Like don’t call it sub mask 1 or whatever but rather call it hair mask, or give me the ability to name the mask. I think that will come though. This latest update is wonderful but more useful for my hobby photography than my commercial work

Every meal, house, holiday, car, clothing and everything else I have bought for the last 28 years has come from images processed using Adobe products. I’m not complaining.

I realise we all have different workflows and needs. Feel free to disagree. I really don’t mind.

I was not sure of your experience with PS. Appears you know your way around. There are too many differences between the two it is hard to compare and decide which is better there are too many variables to try to compare.

I don’t consider myself an expert but I get by. I know what I need to know I suppose you could say.

I agree with what you regarding comparisons. I need and use both LR and PS.

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