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Re: Question about your pinhole lens cap

BillAngel wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

BillAngel wrote:

I have experimented using a lens cap which had been converted into a pinhole lens.

How did you "convert" it? Did you simply drill a pinhole in a lens cap?

Your sample looks like the pinhole material may be too thick, in relation to the size of the pinhole. I've done pinhole lens caps with say a 5mm hole in the lens cap, then covered that hole with common aluminum foil and drilled the actual pinhole in that. Common foil is about 6.5um thick, and works pretty well with a 300um pinhole, which is about optimal for a 43mm focal length.

I bought the pinhole lens cap on ebay.
Here is a link to the item:

According to the item's description the pinhole size is 0.3mm.

There is a way to enhance the images produced with a lenscap pinhole like the one I mentioned. This assumes that you are using it to photograph someone's portrait. I shot the first image with a Nikon D7100 using a lens cap with a pinhole in it. I then enhanced it using the Remini online image enhancer, as shown in the second image. The online image enhancer is free to use if you are willing to watch two 30 second ads.


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