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A quote from one of Mike Johnston's recent posts on his excellent The Online Photographer website, talking about viewfinders:

'Winogrand often barely looks through his viewfinder at all.

No wonder his pictures are so lousy. I cannot understand reasons for his fame.

Maybe you don't quite understand the culture of the American mid-20th century. Street photography is very culturally specific.

I thought the subject was photography, the art of it, not American mid-20th century culture

Indeed the subject was about photography and it's art.

In that culture, you can take good or bad pictures to reflect it. Bad picture of an engaging culture does not make the picture good.

Chaotic, accidental street picture, despite its subject, can remain bad photography.

Now hearing that Winograd did not even look through viewfinder provides an answer for chaos and lousy pictures.

Winogrand's was not chaotic nor lousy in fact it was very appropriate for the culture of the day and location. Very different from street photography from Russia, France, Germany, Japan, etc. for the same period of history.

The very fact, admission, that Winograd did not even see what s in a viewfinder, that his strength was volume, speaks some of his art.

All it does is show he can use different ways of framing an image on occasion.

I think we will remain of different opinions.

I have similar opinion of Warhol, but that is deviating from this thread.

Quite apparently we have different opinions on Winograd as artist. You know mine, I know yours. I see no problem there.

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