How often and how much do you crop?

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Re: How often and how much do you crop?

A friend taught me to always consider cropping -- we'd do the hand-crop thing on our (film) prints and see if the photo could be improved with a little tightening. Many could.

So while I always consider it, I find I do it a lot less often in digital now that I use a mirrorless camera, thanks to the WYSIWYG viewfinder. And since it's digital, I can try a couple different "crops" by zooming. Still, working in post I find, as I did in the film days, that many shots can benefit from being tightened up a bit.

With film, which makes up the majority of my shooting these days, I will often do a little bit of cropping, as I use primarily SLRs and the film sometimes captures more than what's in the viewfinder.


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