Heidecke's Monster

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Re: Heidecke's Monster

Bosun Higgs wrote:

Disassembly confirmed the Petzval diagnosis, with two air-spaced groups. Following the recent discussion on the forum regarding lens element edge-blackening I paid particular attention to this, only elements with concave faces were blackened. The factory-applied blackening was much less dense than the ink marker I use, and the coverage was patchy.

A very impressive effort! I didn't know they were Petzvals- where does the rear glass stop in that assembly?

I saw 'Heidecke' and got confused with the Reichmann projection lenses, for some reason. They are Cooke triplets, also large, and like many large format, long focal length lenses, were it seems pressed into service for 35mm / 6x6 film projection:

But I hesitate to infer conclusions about how which lens ended up in what lineup.

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