Stupid question about AF Fine Tune

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Re: Stupid question about AF Fine Tune

Razor512 wrote:

A value of 0 means no offset from what is considered to be the design spec.

The fine tune values are essentially offsets of the factory spec values. One issue is some cameras may only offer 1 value per lens, which can lead to issues for lenses with loose tolerances where they may have inconsistent inaccuracy. For example some lenses may back focus within 5ft and then gradually begin to front focus, and in those cases, a single offset will only correct the focus for that given subject distance while not fixing other subject distances.

Some cameras will allow multiple offsets.

While having a lens that is properly made and calibrated from the factory is ideal, the next best thing, is a lens that works with a lens dock or has a USB port where you can do more I - depth calibration at multiple focal distances, where it will then generate variable calibration curves to account for subject distances in between each calibration point.

Lenses with their own calibration options are especially important for D5xxx and D3xxx cameras where Nikon artificially restricts the AF fune tune functions, where to fix focus issues at the camera body level, you have to risk getting malware while trying to get leaked versions of their service center software (allows for AF fine tune on both a global and individual focus point level at multiple focal distances, as well as calibrating lenses).

Sadly for Nikon, the cameras that are most likely to need calibration (budget lines have looser manufacturer tolerances), are the ones where they artificially restrict AF fine tune.

Oh It should be an option in every DSLR. Damn you Nikon!

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