New Lightroom user / Old question & frustration about OneDrive

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Re: New Lightroom user / Old question & frustration about OneDrive

Lightroom Classic (LrC) was never intended to work with network drives and can't be made to do so nicely.  That's why Adobe developed Lr (cloudy).  LrC will seem to work in the cloud with a small catalogue but will begin to become unreliable as the catalogue gets bigger.
I have a simple system that I think works very well.  LrC software and associated files are on the C: drive and interact with OneDrive as normal.  However, all the image files are on the D: drive in a nice hierarchy of folders in YYYY-MM-DD order.  The D: drive does not interact with OneDrive.  Also, on the D: drive is the catalogue, 2nd copies and the catalogue backups.  It's just a matter of pointing the software to the catalogue on the D: drive.  The catalogue knows to location of the images in the image folders.
As you probably know, OneDrive is a weird animal that cannot be viewed as a simple cloud drive.  It's a kind of interactive mirror of the C: drive and therefore unsuitable for backups.  However, I use SyncBackPro for backups.  It has a way of using OneDrive to store backups.  Don't ask me how or why it works but it does.

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