Noise level of FZ10

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Re: Noise level of FZ10

kazutoku wrote:

Hi, I'm kazutoku.
I've used FZ10 for about a month.
I'll show you the pictures with some noise of FZ10.
On a cloudy day or a day with a little sunlight, it would be better
to use the camera at ISO 50.

Because I am interested in how noise varies in different cameras, I downloaded your first ISO 200 picture original and used a technique similar to that used by Phil's in his technique to produce a standard deviation of noise from some undetailed areas of this image. I found that noise at a level of 128/255 wasn't too bad at about 2.5 bits standard deviation, but that as the image darkened into the shadow areas, it increased to a standard deviation of about 6 bits standard deviation. This is a high number relative to some other cameras using this size of sensor, of which the best produce a noise level in the shadow areas of about a 3.5 to 4 bits of standard deviation at ISO 200.

However, there is some hope that the noise level could be reduced with either a shooting technique and/or a firmware update, as it appeared that the higher level of shadow detail noise is may be further amplified by sharpening. Try setting the Sharpening setting (if it has one, I can't find it in Phil's spec sheet) to the lowest setting and sharpening your image with a UnSharpMask filter in an application such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe PhotoShop/Elements with a threshold setting of about 7 or 8 bits. Panasonic is getting to have a reputation for updating their firmware, so may fix their sharpening algorithm with a firmware update.

Regards GordonBGood

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