Is Nikon Z9’s Mount Supposed to be this Loose?(Non-Rotational)

Started Oct 8, 2022 | Questions thread
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Re: Is Nikon Z9’s Mount Supposed to be this Loose?(Non-Rotational)

Loaned Light wrote:

As said I sought out an ancillary to give peace of mind, and secure a coupling as imagined would be the best practice.

To alleviate my concern, I used the ancillary as shown in the Link.

It allows the Camera Body >Adapters >Lens to be supported and rigidly coupled.

With this in use the, Body does not show any indication the detected flexion is occurring and the rotation issue is completely eliminated, if the Lens Collar is tightly fastened.

I have no wish to promote this as a method, each individual will react uniquely, if there is a knowledge of the condition being present.

It will be each to their own, and this is the method I selected after a period on pondering the available designs. The conjecture for the usage of the device is now proven.

In use, it enables the desired effect to be produced, where rigid coupling is present, it allows for a Lens to be detached from the Body, whist remaining attached to the ancillary and unforeseen it has provided a very useful hand grip, that has offer much improved reassurance.

Should not have to buy stuff like this because of nikon's poor engineering and a floppy mount...

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