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Re: Mid-level Resolution

Guys - used Handbrake and set everything to default including quality which was set to 22 and the only setting I checked was web-optimized in case I host plex in the future and want to stream over the web. Took a 4k file from my Sony camera which was 696mb and set it converted down to a 42mb file - unreal

I notice very minor differences in quality like in the video, I could see the detail in the piece of sushi was off by just a tiny bit but these details are not going to be important in a video. In a still picture which I want to print in the future, they are important but not in a video

Quick question - should I even bother setting the equality to something higher like 24 and if I do, what do you guess the file size would get to?

Any other settings you recommend me playing with or just stick with defaults? Any setting to stabilize video or would that simply cause quality loss? This size conversion rate is unreal so I doubt I need any new HDD at this point. Is handbrake or VSDC better for bulk conversion of videos? I'm just going to bulk convert about 6Tb of video down to perhaps 400mb LOL


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