Sony HX99, Panasonic ZS80, or Canon SX740

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Re: Features vs quality

The HX99 seemed like a nice camera overall but I didn't really look at the JPEG performance. Panasonic, Canon, and Olympus cameras seem to produce better OOC JPEGs in the consumer space (its a toss up on more professional cameras) but I would have a look at the results and compare them which a benchmark to see if it meets your needs. CameraLabs (Gordon Laing) usually does excellent head to head reviews but did not review the HX99. You can check out these reviews for HX99 samples Sony HX99 Hands-on Review | Have Camera Will Travel Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99 Review - Steve's Digicams (

Everyone has their preference so I hope you find what works for you. All small cameras seen to be a compromise in my experience. Some accept the smaller sensors (1/2.3) in the likes of an HX99, ZS80, etc because they get a longer zoom. Yet others prefer a slightly larger body (RX100, ZS100, LX10) to get a one inch sensor and the better SNR, dynamic range, and optics those cameras have but they give up zoom range. I chose a Lumix LF1 due to it's extremely small size (actually pocketable), EVF, slightly larger 1/1.7 sensor and slightly better optics vs the compact superzooms but I gave up 4k video and a long zoom. I shoot RAW so I can get the most out of the LF1's sensor which is somewhere between the 1/2.3 and I inch sensors. I rarely need to go past 300 mm and if I need superior image quality or zoom range then I'll bring out one of my M43 cameras. I can see the appeal of compact superzooms and bridge cameras for people who do not need professional looking low light images, won't pixel peep, and only want one camera that does everything.

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