Sony GM Prime for Street and Portrait Photography

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Re: Sony GM Prime for Street and Portrait Photography

jhunna wrote:

Antonio_G wrote:

I'm looking for a fast / bright Sony GM prime lens for street and portrait photography using my Sony a7 IV.

For roughly the same price, I was looking at either the Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM lens or the Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM lens or the Sony FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens.

Which would you recommend and why?

I have an a7c, and my favorite subjects are street, candids and portraiture. I find that the 50GM handles all of those situations just fine with the only limitations on the 50 being group shots in small rooms.
The f1.2 for portraits can give you a look similar to the 85/1.4 and in the streets the 50 is wide enough to capture environments, and if you want to go close with the 50 you can do so without distortion.
Lastly the 50GM is the best lens in the system, if you can, you should just own it...

Every time when I see a super positive on the 50gm I immediacy know - it’s jhunna! ☺️

I myself bought the 35gm but that was only after another super positive opinion you posted in my thread.

I would go with the 50 unless it’s excessive weight (for my taste), but am also very happy with my 35gm - that much that 99% of the photos I’ve taken in the past year of ownership are taken with it. I carry another zoom lens that is probably more versatile for my use but the gm is so fun that I’m every situation i simply never want to change.

each of these is probably a superb choice.

If money is not an issue I would pick the 35 which aside from quick selfies with a kid which is somewhat hard with a weighted 35 such as a gm lens, and weight for a renewed 85 gm/g

im myself thinking 85 will be a good complementary lens to pair with

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