aRGB vs sRGB: Visual Difference? Worth the Premium?

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Re: aRGB vs sRGB: Visual Difference? Worth the Premium?

reid thaler wrote:

I've always bought aRGB monitors because I print to a large format printer and figure I want to get as much color data correct as possible, but have never compared them side by side.

Is there a clear difference? I teach and wonder if recommending an aRGB monitor for students that don't print their own work is overkill. And I also wonder how does the color gamut of a printer compare to either aRGB or sRGB ultimately.

In addition to everything discussed, you might want to bring up the subject of colorblindness, since it's possible some of your students may be colorblind.

(Enchroma makes glasses that help most colorblind people, but even with them the glasses don't give them perfect color vision)

In a very interesting YouTube video I watched, a colorblind young man had done very well for himself as an artist, even being a featured gallery artist. After trying the glasses, he was amazed at all the color he had never seen before. But in the end, he decided to stop using the glasses and went back to working in the more limited colors he had always seen. Familiarity was his main reason. Nothing wrong with that.

Here is that video:

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