Mini review of the MC-21

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Re: Mini review of the MC-21

D Cox wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

Thanks for the information Mike. Do you have any idea if the fp L manual focus magnification mode works when using an old lens on the MC21?

It's just CRAZY that Panasonic would do that, crippling the camera, so people couldn't effectively focus/use their old telephoto lenses in manual focus mode. What if someone has a big old lens, like that 300-800mm Sigmonster, or a 50-500mm Bigma? What if someone wants to use that camera on a telescope?

Don't have access to a fp-L so I don't know. Also don't know if the lack of magnification of EX lenses lies with Panasonic or Sigma, but I have yet to find any manual mag function on the S5 like there is on some other cameras.

What I'm disappointed with is the slow AF speed using the MC-21 whereas the MC-11 on the Sony has excellent AF speed.

I find that the 50mm f/1.4 Art focusses quickly with MC21 on the fp, while my older 105mm macro just hunts.



I use that older 105mm macro in MF only on the sd Qs but it AFs fine on the SD1M or SD15. The later 105mm OS macro AFs on the sd Qs and the SDs. It also AFs on the Sony cameras with the MC-11, so I am sure it would also AF on the fp with the MC-21.  Both the older and later 105mm macros are excellent optically whichever focus mode is used.


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