What to get for BIF and general wildlife, camera and lens.

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Re: What to get for BIF and general wildlife, camera and lens.

Ramon767 wrote:

In another thread you can see me agonising over a change to this question for myself, and so my advice to you is consider this:

least expense option

- DSLRs are still great. You can have a Nikon D500 and a 200-500 quite cheaply. Good solid setup. Heavy.

For less money again you could use a Z50 or D7500, but that’s harder to recommend, and it’s hard to go past a D500.

more expensive

- I just bought a D850 to potentially replace the D500, and it’s much better again, but a little more expensive. I’m also using a 500PF, which is a fairly expensive lens, but you could use the 200-500 ( bear in mind the 200-500 is better on a crop sensor than full frame).

low end high expense

- I’ve seen a heap of people using a Canon R5 and 100-500. The results here look really promising. There’s also the R7. Nice FF camera with really compelling auto AF. Worth a look, probably a way better option than the DSLRs.

go nuts

- Sony A1 or Nikon Z9 and F4 exotic lens. Sell your car, parts of your liver and or children.

edit: just saw your BIF stuff, looks great, you should get the best stuff you can afford because you’ll get more useable hits for sure.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write! I kind of feel like I am in a whirlwind. I feel fortunate that I can afford the higher end stuff but that is probably because I have been a little frugal all my life. Seems almost all great photos, at least great to me, have post work done on them. I know with my Panasonic I have to work on most all of them. Seems that is kind of what most people do these days no matter the camera they use. Be nice to start off with a good clear image. Lots to consider. 2 strikes I can think of with the bridge type Sony RX10IV is no articulating LCD and with a 1 inch sensor, not that good in lower light.

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