What used FX camera should I upgrade to from D300

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M Lammerse
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Not the D800...but the D810 is a better option

Churchdill wrote:

I'm currently highly considering a D800. They can be found for less then $500 with ~50k actuations relatively easily which seems like a steal. I'm also under the impression the extreme resolution will let me use a shorter lens and then do crops and still have better noise and resolution then my D300. One thing I'm not too sure about is how AF will compare. My D300's AF isn't great and honestly my friends D7000 might even AF better with my gear... I know the D800 isn't great for AF but if it's as passable as the D300 it would still be an upgrade for the reasons I mentioned. I don't hear this camera talked about these days which is probably why it's so cheap.


Any help would be great. If you'd like to see some of the stuff I shoot if you think it could help recommendations: http://kinacoustic.com/photography/

Hi Churchdill,

I still have the D800 but it does not see use anymore. I prefer the D850 in combination with a Z9. The D850 I liked so much that I bought a second one as backup, but sold one of the camera's to purchase the Z9. It's really a very good DSLR camera. The high iso performance is in my opinion even a bit better than the Z9 (above iso 6400)

The D800 is a good camera by image quality, but the AF always gave many (including myself) challenging results. And no, it's not due to user error, the D800 (or at least many) suffered from AF inconsistency and other problems (center left focus points.) The D810 seems to be better. I've never owned it, but never heard stories of colleagues using it complaining about the D810. The D810 might be more harder to get.

Hope this is of any help,


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