Looking for a video player like YouTube's.

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Re: Looking for a video player like YouTube's.

skyglider wrote:

NickZ2016 wrote:

Doesn't your NLE give you something like that? With Resolve on the media page if you move your mouse the video moves with the mouse. Not stills but super fast viewing.

My goal is to eliminate video clips before importing into the video editor since I always have a "lot" more clips than I will use in the final production. But I've been meaning to switch to D.Resolve so I will give it a try for screening out unwanted clips. Thanks.

I've found Resolve to work pretty nicely for vetting clips, especially if you have the Speed Editor keyboard with its jog/shuttle dial.  The latest Resolve versions have a "Cut Page" that's specifically designed to be used with the Speed Editor to rapidly cut and assemble clips.

One of it's features is a "Source Tape" mode that virtually stitches all of your clips together as if you had recorded them all on a long videotape one after another.   You can then use the jog/shuttle dial to rapidly move within and between clips, using the Metadata panel to mark which ones you want to keep using the "Good Take" property.

There are options to organize the order and grouping of clips within this virtual "source tape" by date/time, by camera, by name, or other attributes, and once you've marked all the clips you can sort them by their "Good Take" property to group all of the rejects together and easily delete them from your project, or perhaps move into a separate "Rejects" bin.

If you don't have a Speed Editor, there's a virtual jog/shuttle dial that you can use by clicking the mouse on it, holding the mouse button down, and then using the mouse to repeatedly drag / liftback / drag / liftback.  Not quite as nice as the dial, but serviceable and, IMHO, smoother for review purposes than trying to just grab the viewer playhead and scrub it back and forth.

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