Looking for a video player like YouTube's.

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Re: emby media player will do it

foot wrote:

skyglider wrote:

I've been using the VLC video player which is great but it doesn't show stills while hovering over the progress bar. For example, when playing a video on YouTube, if I hover over the progress bar, thumbnails will display which allows quickly scanning the video to see what it contains.

When I shoot video to be edited later, I will shoot more clips than I need for the actual video. I want to find a video player that will show thumbnails while hovering over the progress bar. That would allow quickly scanning the clips and allow discarding the clips that will not be used in the final production.

Anyone know of a video player for Windows that will display thumbnails while hovering over the progress bar?

emby media player will do it, but I'm sure if it's what you want

on my laptop, running from the microsoft "edge" browser, it also allows the user to select video playback speed (both faster or slower).The audio will also play faster or slower with the video

the navagation with thumbnails is pretty fast, nice and smooth...

there would be startup learning curve to figure out the workflow...you'd have to save a copy of the video in a specific folder and then run the emby program to index it so Emby knows about it...

Thanks for the Emby suggestion.  However, judging from your last paragraph, I don't think it will work for me since I don't want to run a program to index before scanning.  Thanks though for your response.

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