aRGB vs sRGB: Visual Difference? Worth the Premium?

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Re: Printer vs. monitor gamuts and Adobe RGB

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

I also wonder how does the color gamut of a printer compare to either aRGB or sRGB ultimately.

Even some very modest printers can print colors that are outside the gamuts of both sRGB and even Adobe RGB--and almost any monitor can display colors that are outside the gamuts of all printers (and even the best printer on the widest-gamut paper cannot print anywhere near all of the colors within sRGB). My modest little 6-color Epson printer, on some papers, can print a not-small range of yellows and cyan-aquamarines, and some red-magentas, that are outside of Adobe RGB's gamut. See my post at:

In short, the shapes and extents of monitor gamuts and printer gamuts differ substantially from each other. Also, if you want to use a color working space that can describe all the colors your monitor can display and/or your printer can print, then you probably need to be working in ProPhoto RGB (or its "Melissa" variant used in Lightroom) or maybe DxO's new "Wide Gamut" space.

It' s that "Wide Gamut" space that DXO just introduced, that I find interesting. Did you already work with it in PL6?

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