Sigma Fp L buffer limit workaround with SSD?

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Re: Sigma Fp L buffer limit workaround with SSD?

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So I bought a fast nvme drive for the Sigma Fp L and I am able to shoot 4k 12bit raw externally to it. Technically it would need any buffer as it saves directly into the drive. However, for shooting photos, it's a whole different story. Everything still saves in the SSD, but it goes into the camera body buffer first, then saves it into the drive. This is horrible because the camera buffer is 9 images and it takes forever to save. Is there a way to allow photo mode to save directly to the ssd like cine mode?

Interesting question Kenneth. I look forward to the answer, because I was unaware of that limitation of the fp L. I hope Sigma makes it possible by a firmware update, if it isn't, because I'm hoping to use the fp L for shooting the eclipse in Texas next year, and 9 shots of the eclipse just won't do it for me. I guesd I may end up with the Sony A7r IV after-all.

I don't think it would be possible to bypass the buffer. My issue is it seems to not take advantage of the UHS-II speed unless shooting raw video. The buffer clears in nearly the same amount of time with my 95MB/s card as my 260MB/s. Not sure why this is. Clearing to an SSD supporting 500MB/s doesn't help either, so I'm guessing it has some sort of processing for each frame that's limiting it.

Sigma puts 9 frames as the maximum, but realistically you get 12-13. It depends how quickly back to back you shoot. How many shots do you need for the eclipse and at what fps?

At the last eclipse I shot, I found myself shooting as fast as I could with my Nikon, using the 10 second self-timer to operate the shutter, and a 3 second delay to activate the digital first curtain, and I was wishing I could have shot faster. With a remote trigger (which I should have had for my Nikon), I would probably shoot every two or three seconds, though I would want to shoot sets of bracketed photos, so I would likely fill up a 9 shot buffer in less than 30 seconds. Totality usually lasts for more than a minute, so it seems I would probably miss shooting about half of the eclipse if I try to use an fp L.


How long does it take to clear that buffer?

EDIT: I just found out the Sony A7r IV has a 32 frame raw buffer (that's for uncompressed raw), and the buffer clears in about 15 seconds (with the fastest memory cards).

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