If you had to start from scratch, would you choose Nikon again?

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Nikon or Canon for mount flexibility

PhilipTheArab wrote:

Som Prasad wrote:

You will get a different answer if you ask in a Sony or Canon or Fuji or OM or Pana forum, we are all invested in NIkon on this forum so inherently biased!

I would have said I'd go with Sony, but the 500PF5.6 and the 300mmPF4 stop me from saying that, so (because I use telephotos more than anything), my answer would still be Nikon.

Now, if Sony had small, light sharp telephoto primes to match the Nikon PFs, the answer may be different.

Life is full of ifs!


The only reason to select Nikon if I start from scratch is the pf 500 and the 800mm pf

I would not say the only reason - currently all the S lenses are great performing with not a single dud among them. As Thom mentioned in some of his blog posts, that’s true for Sony as well for the newer lenses. But since the earliest Sony zoom lenses like Sony/Zeiss 24-70 f4 may not have been as good and Nikon having filled up a majority of the commonly used lens lineup, the Sony early mover advantage at this point of time is less than what it was. So I would be perfectly happy choosing Nikon over Sony if I were starting from a scratch right now.

Additionally, the advantage of a more flexible mount dimensions, would be what would push me towards Nikon and Canon for the future possibilities. Remember, one such lens which took advantage of the wider mount opening is the Nikon 400mm f/4.5 in being able to make it smaller than expected. See the following from Thom’s article [1]:

The 400mm f/4.5 making the test rounds prior to announcement did not have those words and marking. Besides making a long telephoto lens lighter, the PF designs do something else: they make the lens overall shorter than the focal length.

With traditional telephoto optical designs, when you measure from the front of the lens to the focal plane, you'll get something very close to the focal length in distance. A 400mm lens designed traditionally, will tend to be 400mm from front element to focal plane. The 100-400mm was the first recent telephoto from Nikon I've seen that didn't replicate that (it's 336mm in length when zoomed to 400mm). The new 400mm f/4.5 is about 250mm from front to focal plane. It appears that Nikon is seeing an advantage to telephoto lens design in the Z-mount, and able to shorten a lens from the generalized focal length expectation.

So, the 400mm f/4.5 is not PF, but it's another of the "shorter than expected lenses." So yes, Nikon is starting to show off some of the design benefits that come from that large, close lens mount.

[1] https://www.zsystemuser.com/nikon-z-system-news-and/the-log-jam-at-400mm.html

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