aRGB vs sRGB: Visual Difference? Worth the Premium?

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Re: aRGB vs sRGB: Visual Difference? Worth the Premium?

bmoag wrote:

My humble:

We all know that in this best of all possible jpeg/sRGB world a wider than sRGB gamut monitor can't show colors that are not in the original data. So for nearly all uses an sRGB monitor is just fine, probably optimal. Presumably we all know the benefits of correctly processing hi bit raw images in a big color space are agnostic with regard to monitor gamut.

A wider than sRGB panel is not only useless for pure jpeg shooters but can also lead to gnashing of teeth and other body parts when misused.

I see the benefits of wider than sRGB gamut monitors as restricted to those who process high bit raw images in a technically correct workflow and understand potential color land mines surrounding users of a wider gamut monitor. Those who really need a wider gamut monitor know why, those who want one hopefully understand what they are getting into.

Many new to wide gamut monitors correctly convert their high bit raw masterpiece to sRGB but wonder/forget why colors look odd in a non-color managed viewer on that wide gamut monitor. Posts on fora like this ensue. Windows is very facile at doing that, macOS has its own booby traps.

As my 4k sRGB panel is showing signs of wanting to go to the electronic waste dump not in the sky I am searching for cost-effective wider gamut solutions because all my images are very raw and I like to potentially gawk at colors I can't do anything practical with. But I have some experience with these panels and a second calibrated sRGB panel to same me from myself.

I didn't even think of JPG only shooters as I would consider that a waste of time and equipment.

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