What to get for BIF and general wildlife, camera and lens.

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Re: What to get for BIF and general wildlife, camera and lens.

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The only negative comment I can give about going with the Sony rx10 is the slow motor zoom and power up to grab a shot at a fleeting moment which happens a lot in wildlife photography.

If going for an interchangeable lens option you need to decide what focal length you want

70-300, 100-400, 150-500, 150-600 and decide which size sensor and your budget .

And therein lies my problem. I think I want a minimum of 500 for a lens and think everything is going mirrorless. I understand what you are saying about powering up for the shot. Think my Panasonic FZ2500 has that same issue. If I were to go mirrorless, I think there are some advantages to not going full frame with the ability to get more reach from the lens but would lose some in lower light.

But you don’t lose that much as you need to balance depth of field as well which is one reason so many choose apsc as their compromise.

If you want small then in its m4/3 em1 series and 100-300 , 100-400

you could even look at full frame canon with one of its budget primes like the 600mm or 800mm f11

I was using a Nikon d7200 with 150-600 sigma contemporary but the weight wasn’t worth it to me .

I’m tempted with the A6600 with either the 70-350 or sigma 100-400 . If I need more zoom I just give up on bird in flight and use a Nikon P1000

I have considered the Nikon P1000 but, am guessing the Sony or Panasonic would out perform it in lower light conditions.

Yep you only chose the Nikon if zoom is the biggest need . This Nikon is a light hog as you can imagine with a 5.6 crop factor and f8 at the long end

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It’s all about the zoom….

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