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Currently I have 18-135mm lens for my Fujifilm X-S10 camera.

I consider changing it for the new 18-120mm powerzoom lens. I see smooth zooming as its main advantage.

Another important aspect is image stabilization quality on cameras with IBIS.

From first look, OIS in 18-135mm lens give it an advantage. But from my experience, 18-55mm lens and prime lenses like Sigma 16/1.4 and Fujinon 18/2 give smoother footage handheld at wide angles than 18-135mm lens on X-S10 camera. That's why I search for a comparison between 18-135mm and 18-120mm lenses or some first-hand experience. Maybe it is too early though and nobody has 18-120mm lens yet.

If you like to shoot video and use a camera with IBIS, I think the 18-120 is a great choice for zooming while recording. Constant f/4 is also very nice.

I am not sure there will be very many who will directly compare the 18-135 to the 18-120 given how old the 18-135 is. Maybe an 18-135 vs. 16-80 and then a 16-80 to 18-120 comparison might give you the information you are looking for?

Yes, comparison of 16-80 vs 18-120 on body with IBIS would be nice too. I find stabilization with my 18-135 especially good at telephoto focal lengths though. I suspect that 18-120 will be not that good in 80-120mm range.

My 18-135 was the first Fujifilm lens I gave away back in 2018. I much rather use the 16-55/2.8 on an X-H1 with IBIS than the 18-135 with its noticeably variable max aperture while you zoom.

I wouldn't even try to zoom 18-135mm lens while recording because its zoom ring is quite stiff.

Once I had an option to test 16-55mm lens for a couple of days. I took it in my hands... And gave it back immediately It was the time when 35/1.4 and 18/2 lenses were mainstream so maybe today with bulkier lenses overall my perception could change. Speaking of 16-55mm I find it too large for what it is though. Fujinon 18-135mm lens is also larger than counterpart lenses from Sony and Canon, so there might be some design advantage in these Fuji lenses (bokeh?..).

When I bought the X-T1, I wished the 18-135 was available as bundled kit lens --- I figured with its WR, it would be a good travel lens. Instead I "settled" for the 18-55, 55-200 (on sale), and 35/1.4 (also on sale).

In the end, I found I just shot with the Fujifilm primes and ignored the zooms. I never really used the 18-55, taking less than 200 shots with it! By the time I got back into standard zooms, I bought a used 16-55/2.8. I bought a used 18-135; but, never really warmed up to it either.

Thanks to IBIS on the X-H1, I became an OIS/IBIS snob. I only use fast primes with my X-Pro2 and X-T30.

There was something (form factor) in X-Pro2 that I miss in my current X-S10. X-T20 with MHG-XT10 grip was nice too! I don't like the grip of my X-S10 actually.

I've started buying cameras which could be considered 'serious' with Samsung GX-20 in 2008 then moved to Olympus mirrorless so IBIS was always natural part of camera bodies in my view.

I'm personally toying with buying the 18-120 to replace my 16-80. Another option I am considering is saving up for a 150-600 instead --- got to use my 100-400 more often to "justify" the 150-600. COVID years had really gotten me out of the habit of going outside and shooting with telephoto lenses.

My Panasonic Leica 100-400mm lens didn't see much use yet too. It is so much smaller than gigantic Fujinon 100-400mm and 150-600mm lenses that I see Micro Four Thirds system as a separate option for telephoto lenses.

I really wanted to love m43 for the incredibly compact lenses. However, I could never get myself to invest heavily into the system because back then I believed Panasonic and Olympus would not significantly invest into m43 sensors with significantly better high ISO performance/resolution.

Looks like there is one leading tech in sensor development and they simply cut sensors depending on format (25 MP for 4/3 -> 40 MP for APS-C -> so waiting 90 MP for FF and 160 MP for digital MF). Maybe if Canon begins to sell their sensors to other camera companies we'll see something different.

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