Nikon MH-33 charger wall adapter

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Re: Nikon MH-33 charger wall adapter

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I have been using my MH-33 charger with EN-EL 19c batteries and plugging it into my MAC computer directly to charge. That was fine when I was only charging at home, but now that the health crisis has abated sufficiently for us to travel internationally again I tried plugging it into a wall outlet using the 5 w USB-A wall adapter that came with an iPhone. Since the iPhone socket is USB-A and the MH-33 charger cable is USB-C I had to use an adapter.

It doesn't work.

I don't have any to determine whether the fault is the USB-A to C adapter or the iPhone wall adapter is not the correct specification.

I did order the Apple branded 20w USB-C wall adapter. I needed one for the phone anyway and it was the same price as their old USB-A adapter.

Any experience with plugging an MH-33 into the wall successfully?

Please do not try it until you get an answer directly from Nikon support. I tried the newest 40GBPS/80GBPS cords and Apple wall adapter, worked fine for about 2-20min and then failed. Killed the MH-33, so now I’m on my second MH-33 but luckily Amazon just sent me a knew one. I’d seriously wait or ask Nikon. It’s not a good idea unless you find a wall adapter that’s a match for the MH-33, read the specs and type them in plus USB-C 4, there’s different types. Not just USB-C, but I was using an Apple iPad 10 wall adapter and also tried the iPhone 12 Pro Max cord. Neither worked and they ruined my Nikon charger. So don’t recommend it! As far the cord, I do love it. It’s awesome, so get a new $26 cord on Amazon. Make sure it has the 40~80 USB markings noting it’s a new 80Gbps version.

Just use apple USB-C cord and apple 18 watt iPhone/iPad charger and it works fine to charge the battery in the MH-33. I've never had an issue. My camera store told me that was fine to use. Make sure it's a real nikon branded battery, not the 3rd party junk batteries.

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