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kciuk aka Ken60 wrote:

As I mentioned, the quality attainable is wholly dependent on the original file, though pixel up scaling software is good, it cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

In Photoshop you should have various magnification options, print size is one of them. Use soft proofing to show you how the file will be rendered with the icc profile for your paper.

Generally, provided you have a decent screen, and it is calibrated, you should get quite a good idea. As I said in Photoshop if you go to Image / Image Size, turn off the resize button on the low left, and set the document size to your chosen print size, you will see the Pixel resolution that you will have. If this turns out to be 300 pixels per inch, then it should be a great image (provided the file is good) .

Don't try to increase the resolution of a low pixel image with this method using resample, you need software designed to achieve this complex task. The latest versions of Photoshop have this ability, as does Topaz Gigapixel, Topaz Photo AI, and a few other utilities. Crop your file in the normal way in Photoshop, and then use the Image Size tool to see what differing print sizes will give you, if this falls below 150 pixels per inch, or at least 200 for a good print, then it is time to either reduce your expectations or use the software I mentioned to increase this.

Thanks Ken

I just found this which appears to help me with what I am trying to achieve.

Many Thanks

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