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kciuk aka Ken60 wrote:

If you shoot a lot of birds , or things that are difficult to get close to , it may be worth looking at one of the new up scaling software like Gigapixel. Provided that you stick to reasonable upscaling levels they can produce quite usable files.

As for the rest of your question , 300 pixels per inch for a great print , 200 for a good print, 150 if you are caught out . Do the maths yourself, remembering that the initial quality of the focus and grain will be the real decider.

Brilliant thanks Ken.

Is there anyway I can compare what the detail of the print may be by comparing the PPI ?

When I do this it appears to show different size values, ie one may be at 33% whilst the other is at 100%? after changing the PPI and viewing in PS

Thank you

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