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gscotten wrote:

Pixel boy wrote:

I have a 60 megapixel file but the bird is only about 30% of the image (couldn't get closer and used 600mm lens, how much can I crop to make a large image.

When you zoom into 100% and then crop the image so the bird is bigger, does this loose any quality if you print large, at say A2?

Would up res help after cropping?


OK. A 60 megapixel image is around 10,000 x 6,000 resolution. If the bird takes up 30% of that, it would be 3000 pixels. Round up to allow a little space around the bird and call it 3600 pixels. A2 is about 24 inches, so this would print at 150 pixels per inch. Assuming it is a sharp image, you should be able to print that without resizing.

If you are sending it out to be printed, the printer (or printer driver) will automatically up-res it to the printer's requirements.

This is, of course, all guesswork and approximations.

George.  Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for, a rough method giving me some indication and I appreciate these are approximations.

Think I need to look at some you tube tutorials.

Thanks again

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