Z Cameras: who are Nikon's Customers?

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Re: Leaking APS-C customers to Fuji

jjz2 wrote:

Franz304 wrote:

That's kinda a flawed logic, because if phones can take over APS-C, it doesn't take that much more to take over FF too.
The reason APS-C has fallen behind more than FF is because camera makers hold back features in almost all of their APS-C bodies, because they paternalistically decided that DX=casual....but the casual segment of the market has been gone since years by now, so they will of course struggle selling such bodies.

Fuji is the only company treating aps-c right, but even then, their smaller cams don’t get the goods and have actually been taking key features and buttons away from their smaller cams like xt30 and xe4. Of course those don’t get WR either. The xe4 had particularly been stripped from what the xe2 had... So to get more buttons and features or wr you have to get the x pro or x t4, then you’re spending FF money and into FF type weight.

Yes and no, you can already get almost everything with an XS10, which costs only 999$ on amazon. Sure, it does not have 100% features of the pro cameras, but that's really good value for the money. Above all, you get IBIS over the Z50.

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