Hassy lenses for shooting artwork for reproduction

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Hassy lenses for shooting artwork for reproduction

Hi all,

I don't own any Hassy bodies or lenses, but this X2D has got me thinking for artwork reproduction work, mainly because of the high MP, colours and consistency with other photographers my clients uses around the world.

I have been using the GFX100s without any problems, but sometimes I need to colour match other photographer's work shot with a Hassy. I currently do this in C1, but this can be quite difficult given many artists creates layers of colours to form their overall look.

In terms of lenses, at F8-f11-f13, they should be very sharp at the corners (as often the artist's signature is located there and very small). Negligible distortion so the frames are perfectly rectangular. Artworks are typically 1ft to 6ft wide/tall. available space in front of the work is up to 15ft. So the lenses need to be able to work in the available space.

Besides the whole artwork in one photo, I also need close up's so I assume the 120 macro is a given (yet some reviews of this lens aren't great).

If you could only buy initially two lenses (because of budget constraints), which ones would they be?

I am looking at :

Option A: XCD 65mm + XCD 120

Option B : XCD 35-75 + XCD 120

later Option C to fill in the gap XCD 90V or the former 90? (can save some $$$)

I know the 90V is not out yet, so will have to see later what tests results are available later.

I guess I could also find out what lenses the other photographers are using from the EXIF data:)

I have done a google search on these lenses, looked at some You Tube vids, but most don't give me the information I need for my shoots.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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