Custom Mode on 90D Not Retaining Aperture Setting After Camera Waking Up

Started Oct 6, 2022 | Discussions thread
LynniePad Veteran Member • Posts: 4,109
Re: Issue Resolved

Danno B wrote:

Thank you for your help LynniePad.

What you described about the Nikon is the way I would expect custom settings to work, so you got me thinking because I can't believe Canon would be so far behind on what I would guess would be most people's preferred way for custom settings to work.

I "swam" around the various levels of the camera's menus and eventually found under Settings (spanner icon), page 5, a menu item 'Custom shooting mode (C1,C2)' under which is an option to enable/disable 'Auto update set.'. Mine was set to 'disable'. Setting it to 'enable' now allows the 90D's custom settings retention to behave as you described for the Nikon.

Glad that you found it.

No experience with Canon, but the U1/U2 feature of Nikon virtually gives you two cameras, switchable in an instant. Without the this capability, there would be about a dozen menu settings to manually adjust in order to swap shooting modes.

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