Custom Mode on 90D Not Retaining Aperture Setting After Camera Waking Up

Started Oct 6, 2022 | Discussions thread
Danno B
OP Danno B Senior Member • Posts: 1,331
Issue Resolved

Thank you for your help LynniePad.

What you described about the Nikon is the way I would expect custom settings to work, so you got me thinking because I can't believe Canon would be so far behind on what I would guess would be most people's preferred way for custom settings to work.

I "swam" around the various levels of the camera's menus and eventually found under  Settings (spanner icon), page 5, a menu item 'Custom shooting mode (C1,C2)' under which is an option to enable/disable 'Auto update set.'.  Mine was set to 'disable'.  Setting it to 'enable' now allows the 90D's custom settings retention to behave as you described for the Nikon.

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