problems with my D90 and the 100-400mm tamron

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Re: problems with my D90 and the 100-400mm tamron

m1964 wrote:

lomoapontaechuta wrote:

I haven't taken my setup out to the field yet, i'm still testing it and so far it works and it's been consistent...

AF isn't crazy fast but that, so far, i thinks, it's because a old DSLR, being indoors and dirty windows.

I remember that whenI went from D90 to D7100, I was surprised how well AF worked on D7100 in dim places.

Consumer zooms get dark when zoomed to the longest FL, so D90 may struggle in poorly lit environments, without very contrasty target to focus on.

For D90, unless you really need 400mm, the older Nikon 70-300mm AF-S would focus quicker and more reliably than any aftermarket zoom.

I always shoot long, i started with a superzoom 24-720 mm, now i do have a 150mm to 600 mm with an APC-s sensor instead of a 1/2"3 sensor.

I'm well familiarized with the restrictions of such setup. This particular lense is meant for hiking/outdoors between the golden hours.

Initially i planned to buy before my vacations but i did good waiting for it.

18-140mm it's a great lense but...but what i missed the most was longer ranges and a wide Lense ( i wasn't expecting that). Often i traded with my father, Pentax with a 70-300 mm and still... it wasn't quite there.

i returned from my vacations with almost a full card ... the plane hasn't land yet and all i could think about was all those shots that i missed (near misses and misses).

Two things i'm sure of.

1 - i will return to that place

2 - next time i will go much better prepared

the buying was easy. The vacations gave me certainty, i bought what i needed it not what i wanted

I like very much the 18-140mm lense, but for me it works best in a place where i already shot several times, which was not the case.

Regarding the D90....

I simply don't know.

the logic dictates that i would upgrade to a D7xxx but this camera simply slapped my mirrorless preconceptions out of me. At first i dismissed it but now i love it.

Let's see.

I am thinking buying a second body to avoid changing lenses in the field and to improve my changes of catching something quicker.

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