Dear Canon, you need to welcome 3rd party lenses into the RF mount

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Re: First things first

MikeJ9116 wrote:

I don't think this means the end of Canon's imaging division at all. I don't think anyone has claimed this to be true. It could very well mean this decision will stunt the growth of the R system user base, or even shrink it, at a critical point in its existence. It could also bring some very negative, lasting PR to Canon from which it might take a long time to recover.

Canon introduced EF mount in 1987, it is still selling after 35 years.

RF mount was introduced in 2018.

Its patents may filed before 2018, (no later than early 2018) because once a product is introduced to the public, it becomes prior art, and is too late to file patent.

Patents expire 20 years after filing. After 20 years (around 2038 ), everybody can make RF lens according to information disclosed in the patent without paying a dime to Canon.

Canon probably has filed additional patents related to more advanced/improved features of RF mount after 2018, competitors cannot incorporate such features into their lens until those patents also expire though.

Assuming RF mount life is not shorter than EF mount, by 2038 RF mount may be just in its middle life - a boost with 3rd parties lens may be a good timing for Canon

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