Some comments on the new XF 150-600 lens

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Some comments on the new XF 150-600 lens

I've owned the new Fujifilm XF 150-600 for a few weeks, and I have a few comments and sample images concerning the lens.

First - I found that the 150-600 is sharper than my XF 100-400 at the long end, and is much better than the XF 100-400 + 1.4X combination at the 600mm focal length. (The XF 100-400 is being sold.) I haven't tried the 150-600 with the teleconverter.

Although I would love to have a faster lens, that would mean a heavier lens, and as a "senior citizen", I find that the XF 150-600 is heavy enough. I will gladly accept the f8 at 600 mm for the lighter lens. (I'll say more about this below.) I have been using an X-S10 and a XT-3 with the lens, and both worked well. I preferred the X-S10 as it has a better grip.

I know many people say that having a heavier camera will help balance a heavier lens, but to me that just makes the whole package harder to hold. All my shots so far have been hand held.

Both cameras focused accurately, but I didn't really try and compare the focus speed with the XF100-400.

I like to carry my gear on hikes, and also on bike rides if I'm looking for wildlife. I found the Tenba Solstice 10L sling bag worked well for carrying the camera with the 150-600 attached (and hood reversed). You can't carry another lens, although you can carry a monopod or tripod. The Tenba is probably the smallest bag you can use with this lens.

Sadly - I didn't find a lot of willing subjects for the lens, other than the usual squirrels and a heron. I tried the lens at a Cyclocross Bike Race, and it was OK. But the combination of the afternoon sunlight and a 1/1000 shutter speed meant using ISO 6400 and up. This is probably a show stopper for some people, although I have been very impressed at how some of the newer software like Topaz Photo AI has been at reducing noise. But for most sports where you can get up close, the XF 150-600 focal range on an APS-C camera body is too long, anyway.

On the whole, I have been very pleased with the lens.


Slightly cropped, camera JPG

Slight crop and exposure adjustment

Camera JPG

Flat view
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