Is sony 90mm f2.8 macro owrth for 710 euro/dollars?

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Paisley Park
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Re: Is sony 90mm f2.8 macro owrth for 710 euro/dollars?

MILC man wrote:

Paisley Park wrote:

Really not worth the price, it doesn't even have weather sealing.

sony states that the fe90 is a "Dust and moisture-resistant design", so no that's wrong.

there's no mount rubber gasket around the Sony.

I really dislike the 90mm macro from Sony. Sigma's macro is better built in my opinion.

you don't own either of those lenses, or any sony gear for that matter.

I own, plenty, but whatever.

Also Sony's OIS doesn't coordinate with the IBIS, so completely useless. Sigma 105 macro DG DN looks to be much better overall, from build quality to functionality.

that sigma lens doesn't have any optical stabilization at all, but of course you didn't know that, you are just out here to bash sony.


the sigma 105 also has a weak focus-by-wire implementation; the fe90 is better for manual focusing because sony improved their focus-by-wire functionality years ago.

Sony 90mm also is also focus by wire but with a clutch.

the fe90 is five-star rated on b&h, with 297 reviews, it's an outstanding lens: Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens SEL90M28G B&H Photo Video (

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