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Re: hints of fall ...

sticks and stones wrote:

jj pietro wrote:

sticks and stones wrote:

jj pietro wrote:

Interesting shot for sure, just doesn't work for me as an indication of fall which to me is initially about a lot of color and then barren trees.


I was going to say 'meh' but I thought that would seem impolite

Meh - there you go

I did think it an interesting photo, but as a harbinger of fall it misses the mark no matter how experimental you want to be. The title suggest something that the photo doesn't follow through on; a backlit scene of leafed trees simply doesn't imply or suggest autumn.

If you hadn't titled it as you did I doubt anyone would ever guess that you were attempting to show some version of a fall scene.

I thought my original comment was polite and contributory but for your response to be "shrug", well, that's pretty dismissive and a clear indication of a fragile ego. Sorry about that...the ego I mean, not the comment.

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