Panasonic Lumix Camera Planner interview

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Panasonic Lumix Camera Planner interview

Link pointed out by m43rdsrumors.

There's a lot of talk about the GH6 purpose/design/process, etc but some tidbits at the end:

Panasonic LUMIX Cameras – Interview with Product Planner Koyama-san

Paraphrased from interviewer

"Many people are in content creation, really love the form size GH1 for being smaller. You have the G100 but this one obviously needs feature boosting to appeal to professionals. Did you consider doing something even smaller but more powerful?"

Ans (paraphrased) " Thanks for the specific questions. Can't comment on future products, but we have received indeed multiple requests for a camera with small form factor - for example, some would like a camera that would be used as a director's view finder, or the they want to easily shoot cinematic video blogs.

Evolving a camera with a form factor like the G100 may be one of the powerful ways to meet these needs. However, since camera size and the heat generated by high-performance, video performance are inextricably linked (trade-off)

Several technical challenges must be overcome.

Regarding this, we would like to continue to consider what kind of solution we have."

In such a competitive market, where do you see the GH line of cameras in the future? In terms of development are you going to consider camera to concentrate on internal raw recording or cloud options? I am very curious.

Ans "This is also a very interesting question. But unfortunately I can't reveal any future plans. However as for the GH concept, the basic idea is to be a camera that can truly be used in the field of video production, while aiming to be a camera that enables a higher-grade video expression different from others, I think.

It is true the camera industry is highly competitive but I believe that the goal of the GH series is to stay close to the creativity of its customers and continue to be practical in a wide range of video production applications.

Signs of this video production trend include the RAW solutions and cloud based streaming that you mentioned and I think there are various other signs of UX so I would like to focus on what values the LUMIX GH series can provide, industry trends and customer insights and then prepare the next move.

Planning for future cameras has already begun.

I hope that you will continue to look forward to Lumix, which will evolve together with creators."

What I read from this interview

- yes, Panasonic will continue to release camera models

- Likely to see a "G100 Mark II" in similar form factor if not identical form factor

- GH line at least as of now planned to continue in the future

- Clearly Panasonic is going to emphasize video aspects/features. Can't blame them as they seem to have gotten quite a positive reception from the videographers market.

If they can make a G100 successor to be more capable including on stills, that could be interesting for those who want small / light and more pro. I don't how how feasible or how much money in R&D they could pour to try to do IBIS at that size if its possible at all. Would be nice if they could do a mechanical shutterless sensor with a high refresh sensor.

Barring general convergence of the camera market to oblivion making it even more competitive, it seems Panasonic is indicating here they aren't getting out of cameras, at least as of right now.

Japanese translation using youtube's auto-translator.

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