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Ellis Vener wrote:

It is a beautiful, well executed photo. You clearly have a terrific eye for composition and light.
The good news: It would probably make a nice print to sell as decor.
But as someone who
a) Purchases household items from time to time, I think it fails because it lacks positive emotional feel. By that I mean it is is just too low key and funereal and I do not see enough detail to get me to spend my money.
b) Has worked as an advertising photographer for art directors at ad agencies and for graphic designers for longer than I like to think about, I don't think it would appeal to most of those kinds of clients either because most of their clients are going to look at it and ask "why is it so dark?". It would also be hard to reproduce in a printed catalog because those quarter tones ( the darks just above black) are going to be muddy and you will lose those dark details. Even the best commercial printing presses remain limited to a four stop brightness range. In offset press CMYK printing images that have important details that are very dark or very bright are extremely problematic.
Advertising and catalog photography has a function: to motivate clients to desire a product or a service. You have to try and put yourself in the head of someone who would buy the product. There are definitely consumers, art directors, and creative directors who will "vibe" with this aesthetic, but they are going to be few and far between. With dark low key work, you are fighting millions of year of psychological evolution.
You clearly are talented and have a fine command of craft and technique but as this is the second very dark photo you have posted here for critique, it makes me wonder, Are working on a properly profiled display? An overly bright display will fool you.
Memorize this maxim: detail is difference.
I also have another suggestion: go a bookstore with a well stocked magazine section and spend some time (and maybe some money) perusing magazines that cater to the type of people who buy the high-end luxury goods and services you plan on featuring in your catalog. Take an especially close look at the work done for Apple. Just keep in mind that while a bright but carefully lit, high key approach does not work for every product, clients and consumers
There is nothing wrong with with well executed moody, low key, dark work. You just have to know when it is appropriate.

Thank you for your detailed critique, always appreciate and make me learn every time something new. I will follow your suggestion for sure.

The object here is a classy set of kitchen tools.
When people want to highlight the quality of a product, in marketing, they use black color, black label for some cheese or wine for instance, and so I did it with this beautiful set.
To be honest with you, I am not trying to achieve nothing in particular, just took a picture, to add at my portfolio. It express my style and my creativity when it come to show something nice like this beautiful set, using the black color as background and playing with light. Also I did something different here. the handle are pointing to the left corner, in photography you point to the center creating triangles, filling the frame or leading lines. This is because I wanted to bring the attention to the handles, that, in this set, are very particular.
Result won't probably be the same using a boring white background, I believe

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