New Lightroom user / Old question & frustration about OneDrive

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Re: New Lightroom user / Old question & frustration about OneDrive

Goodwood wrote:

Thanks for the reply both. I aim to use both versions of Lightroom, if I see a need and if I can live with the different interfaces. Why couldn’t they combine them by now?

OK thanks for the confirmation about moving the Pictures folder. It was on my list to try out. It helps to know that someone has actually done this in 2022

Should I uninstall everything and then Regis install after moving “Pictures”?

I've never moved any of the special default folders, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc.

I prefer to create new folders with the same (or similar) names on my data drive and tell programs that use the special folders to use the ones I created instead.

As with many things, YMMV.

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