New Lightroom user / Old question & frustration about OneDrive

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Re: New Lightroom user / Old question & frustration about OneDrive

Goodwood wrote:

Trust me I have spent hours Googling this issue but no one seems to have an answer that works.

My situation is that I am using Lightroom with Creative Cloud and also have a 1TB 365 account that is nearly full. I have a 1TB C: disk that is half full. I have a 1TB D: disk that is almost empty.
All I want is for my Library (or whatever it is called) of imported RAW files to be stored on the D: drive rather than in Pictures on OneDrive. If Adobe is storing them in the Cloud I see no point in storage of local copies actually being with another cloud provider. No matter what I do, fresh installs etc I can’t change this.
Has anyone ever achieved this and would they mind telling me how to do it - preferably with settings but if I have to move stuff, do registry edits then I will do? After less than a week I am thoroughly fed up of this and it is preventing me from getting on and using it. I am seriously considering scrapping the subscription while I can, even though I fundamentally like the ecosystem.


Do you have Lightroom or Lightroom Classic?  If you are using Lightroom Classic then you just put the pictures on the other drive.  If you are using Lightroom I have no idea as I don't use it.

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