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Rod McD wrote:


Thanks - an interesting project.

Can I ask what you used for the interior coatings please. My interest is for the inside of adapters and lens hoods. I'm horrified by just how much light cheap anodized black coatings reflect at acute angles of incidence. I've tried many things over the years including off-the-shelf mat blacks, blackboard paint and paint with chalk dust added, etc. The latter is better than some off the shelf blacks, but the more chalk you add the more fragile (brittler) the coating becomes becomes - hopeless for a surface that may be contacted or cleaned. You referred to a Black 3.0 coating - what's that?

Many thanks, Rod

I am using Black 2.0, from the same brand, but a different version. I am satisfied enormously with Black 2.0, but 3.0 may be darker still. It dries very quickly, resists nicely (but if metal, will scratch easily, is very densely black, ultra mate, very dark but not pitch black. WIll give zero reflections but may leave traces of veiling (that you want ever notice).

Now, this thread is about the 400mm, and I think you replied to me instead of him, so he might chime in with what he uses, and he does a lot of great repairs/rescues.

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