Paul Roark's carbon inks on an Epson ET-8550?

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Re: The driver is the problem, maybe.

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

has anyone tested Paul Roark's carbon inks on an Epson EcoTank ET-8550?
Where to buy in Europe (not from the UK)?

A European alternative similar to Paul's method:

Does anyone use these inks, on the Epson EcoTank ET-8550 or another printer?

AFAIK, the only practical way to use a B&W inkset in a color printer is to use a RIP instead of the regular printer driver. AFAIK the only not-very-expense option for that is QuadToneRIP. But QTR does not support the ET-8550; see:

But that makes me wonder about what you linked to. Look into how it works, and how much special software / procedures are required. They seem to say none, but I'm skeptical of how satisfactory that would be. But maybe somebody can educate me.

No software needed. It seems to be a simple procedure. Fill the tanks with ink and that's all.

It would be nice to see how long the inks last in the tanks compared to Epson inks for this ET-8550.
Six Epson inks (ref. 114) cost approximately €110.00; 70ml bottles, for this printer.
Six of these carbon inks cost €170.00 but they are 100ml bottles (there are also 250ml).

The longevity of carbon prints appears to be very good, according to Paul Roark. And neutral prints without color cast are expected, both in the neutral and warm versions of these inks.

It would be great to have some user feedback, but it's hard to find ,-(

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