Nikon MH-33 charger wall adapter

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Re: Nikon MH-33 charger wall adapter

MoreCowbell wrote:

I have been using my MH-33 charger with EN-EL 19c batteries and plugging it into my MAC computer directly to charge. That was fine when I was only charging at home, but now that the health crisis has abated sufficiently for us to travel internationally again I tried plugging it into a wall outlet using the 5 w USB-A wall adapter that came with an iPhone. Since the iPhone socket is USB-A and the MH-33 charger cable is USB-C I had to use an adapter.

It doesn't work.

I don't have any to determine whether the fault is the USB-A to C adapter or the iPhone wall adapter is not the correct specification.

I did order the Apple branded 20w USB-C wall adapter. I needed one for the phone anyway and it was the same price as their old USB-A adapter.

Any experience with plugging an MH-33 into the wall successfully?

Could be because you are only using the low powered 5 watt iPhone wall adapter? The recommended Nikon EH-7P is 15 watts.

I use the 18W apple branded iPhone wall adapter and my MH-33 works fine.

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